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CAMDOC Training Center (CTC)
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In carrying out our programs the CAMDOC Training Center plays a central role. It is intended to be the local office of CAMDOC, visible in the center of the commune. But most of all it is the place where education (English classes, computer classes) and vocational training (sewing courses) will take place.

Since it was not possible anymore to hire our old building, CCA recently decided to build a new center on the alredy acquired CAMDOC ground. It is available since April 2014 and was officially opened in July 2014 by the Governor of the Puok District.

One bigger class room is available for teaching English to about 40 students, a smaller room is available for the computer classes from March 2015 on. From then on the number of computers is increased to 10 and the class will have a projection facility available. There is a small library and a roofed place outside where students can sit, study and discuss.

The center has access to the electricity power network. It also has modern sanitary facilities including clean water from a pump driven well.

The bigger part of the area of the CAMDOC ground is being transformed as a garden for experiments in growing vitamin rich Moringa trees, vegetables and other plants. A recently defined project concerns experiments in growing crickets in bigger terraria like basins. Grilled crickets are a delicacy and extremely protein rich. Growing fish in smaller ponds is also on the program. Experiments should result in teaching the people how to do it themselves, either as food supplements for the family or starting their own business.

The new CTC building

English class

Official opening