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The school education system in Cambodia has many problems. In Roeul, still about 10% of the adults are illiterate. Even 30 years after the Red Khmer catastrophy there is still an enormous lack of teachers and those available, rather work in the cities under better living conditions. Since the teachers are underpaid many have side jobs and therefore are part of the time absent. Many families are too poor  to pay for the school uniform and stationarie. Besides, often the children have to participate in earning money, for example helping at harvesting rice. In such occasions, they cannot visit the school.

For the about 4500 schoolable children from the 14 villages there are 9 public primary schools, however, the capacity is not sufficient and there is a lack of teachers and facilities.

There is one secondary school in the commune, built with help of a Korean Company Bu Yúng, however only much later completed with aid from other organisations. Only since two years all 15 class rooms are ready and fully used. From privat donations 6 toilets and a new well have been built and school desks and black boards acquired. The Bu Yung school is supported by CCA/CAMDOC.

Children from villages where there is no school have to go up to 5 km to a nearest village. To encourage these children from poor families, bikes are urgently needed.