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Water Wells
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The poor hygienic situation in the villages is the main cause of diarrhoeal diseases contributing to the high death rate mongst the youngest children. This can easily be improved by giving all people access to clean water wells and explain them some hygiene basics.

Cambodia Child Aid and CAMDOC have a project where the poorest families that do not have access to clean water are helped, by spending them and the neighbouring families a well. Such a well is a deeply digged or drilled hole in the ground with a hand operated pump on top of it.  Before operation, the water quality is checked.

The donor of a well will receive pictures and a document with the coordinates of the well and the name of the new owner. The name of the donor is engraved in the concrete slab of the well, togetheer with other data, like the depth of the well and the date of creation.

The average costs of a new well of this kind is about € 125

If you would like to donate a water well, please fill in the form.