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Foster Children
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Fostering offers the possibility to support a child and family in order to offer the child education at school and therewith better opportunities for the future.
Together with the village heads and the school teachers, our friends of CAMDOC in Cambodia made up a list of children that need support most urgently.

The family will be supported with 50 kg of rice each month, for the child the school uniform, stationnaries and some other necessities are bought.

Dependent on the distance to school a bike will be acquired. In case some money is left, other children in the community will get some support.

our foster child will be happy to communicate with you; our poeple in Cambodia will  take care of the translation in case the child is not yet able to write/read English. Occasionally pictures will be exchanged. Of course you can visit your foster child, our staff will be happy to guide you.

For € 30 per month you can you can become a foster parent of one of the children.